Michael @ Austin Game Conference

Yesterday, Michael was featured in a moderated discussion with game developers who came to Texas for the Austin Game Conference. Even before we introduced our first dedicated gaming machine that launched the XPS line, many of our high-end customers were using our PCs to play games. Because PC gaming is an area that continues to push the envelope of current hardware capabilities (especially in terms CPU and graphics), it tends to attract high-end users. We see exciting games continue to roll out from developers in such genres as massively multiplayer online (MMOs), real-time strategy games and first-person shooters—some of the most resource-intensive games around. As the PC gaming market continues to grow, we will make sure that our products meet the needs of all types of gamers from the casual game player to the most dedicated and hardcore.

That’s the main reason Michael participated in the conference. In his first vlog appearance on Direct2Dell, Michael sat down with Peter Suciu to talk to game developers at the conference. Michael shares his thoughts on Dell and Alienware, Dell and AMD in this space, working with developers, Microsoft’s Vista, next-generation consoles, future hardware technology, Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD, DRM, mobility trends and more.

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