“Plant a Tree for Me” Now in Canada

Today we’re extending our commitment to a cleaner environment by expanding “Plant a Tree for Me” to Canada. This expansion augments what we’re already doing in the United States and in Europe.


As a global provider, our customers expect us to do a better job managing our direct and indirect environmental impact. We are committed to providing simple but tangible solutions – from climate stewardship to energy efficiency to free computer recycling—so customers, employees and suppliers can partner with us in this worldwide effort.


Plant a Tree for Me” is a program that enables businesses and consumers to offset the carbon impact of their information-technology equipment. Just eight months after its initial launch, the program is now available in six languages on two continents.


For the Canadian program, we are partnering with The Conservation Fund, Carbonfund.org and Tree Canada, non-profit organizations that plant trees in sustainably managed reforestation projects. Carbonfund.org is working with Tree Canada in British Columbia to plant native tree species such as interior spruce. In addition to reforestation, the Canadian project will restore recreational opportunities and provide habitat for deer and moose.


Despite this, we realize there’s still plenty of work to be done. To learn more about our environmental commitment, visit www.dell.com/earth.

About the Author: Frank Fuser