What iSCSI Means to Small and Medium Business Customers

In last week’s post and video, Glenn made it clear that simplifying IT was the core of our focus in the enterprise space. Our goal is to make IT technology easier to use and more affordable so that more business can take advantage of it. Today’s launch of the PowerVault MD3000i is an example of that focus.

Earlier today, Michael and other Dell executives talked about how small and medium businesses are seeing exponential growth in their storage requirements. That’s where iSCSI technology comes in. It is a protocol that transmits SCSI commands over an Ethernet network. In our view, iSCSI is a low-cost alternative to Fibre Channel-based storage products that still offers many of its benefits. 

iSCSI is not new to Dell’s storage line—we blogged about it soon after we began offering it as an option on our mid-range Dell|EMC CX3 SAN products for a while now. However, by implementing it into the MD3000i, we’re focused on making the technology accessible to many more small and medium business customers since their needs in storage continues to grow very quickly.

In this vlog, Steve Arrington from the PowerVault storage team discusses the MD3000i in more detail and shows off some of the management capabilities that are possible in our storage manager software.

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About the Author: M. Lee Sellers