Vote for Dell’s SXSW Interactive 2008 Panel Proposals

It seems strange to be planning things for next year’s South By Southwest Interactive at this point, but since there’s a deadline approaching I figured I’d blog about it now. SXSW Interactive 2008 will happen on March 7 – 11, in Austin, Texas.

This will be my second year attending this five-day festival and I’m looking forward to the incredible surge of energy, creativity and ideas from around the globe.  Like I noted in my SXSWi 2007 post, I learned a ton from the panelists and keynotes-and particularly enjoyed the chance to discuss blogs, digital media and technology-related stuff with some of the most creative and passionate people in the industry.

In the spirit of listening to the crowd, the SXSWi Panel Picker will again let you rate the panel sessions you would like to see featured.  This year, my colleagues and I submitted four panel proposals which are listed here and below:

Presenter: Lionel Menchaca, Blog Manager, Direct2Dell

Presenter: Bob Blomquist, Senior Manager, StudioDell

  • Title: Ideation: How to Harness & Apply Customer Feedback 

  • Description: To maintain a fresh perspective on products and services-and to remain relevant-organizations must keep an open mind and adopt an ‘always-on’ listening stance. Stop guessing at what your customers want; take suggestions directly from those who use and know your products and services best-your customers.

Presenter: Caroline Dietz, Senior Manager, IdeaStorm

  • Title: Tenets for Building Successful Online Communities 

  • Description: With Web 2.0 technologies becoming mainstream, online users are connecting and sharing information about their likes/dislikes for products, technologies, purchase intentions, etc.  Learn about the latest successes and challenges businesses face in building an online community.

Presenter: Sean McDonald, Director, Global Online Community

If these topics appeal to you, I’d encourage you to vote for them.  Additionally, leave a comment on the SXSWi panel picker if you have suggestions about whom you’d like to see be co-panelists with my colleagues and me.

Voting is now open and ends on September 21.  Look forward to seeing you at SXSW.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca