The Austin – Amsterdam Connection

Today, Dell hosted leaders from 20
Netherlands-based companies and the State of Texas to discuss how to strengthen
ties between Austin and Amsterdam. The visit marked the start of a week-long
trip through Austin, Arlington and Fort Worth. 

 What’s the connection between
Austin and Amsterdam? Both have high levels of broadband penetration (according
to Forrester, Amsterdam has the highest
broadband penetration
in Europe and Austin, as of 2005, was the Most
Wired City in America
), both have a history of supporting small business
and fostering entrepreneurs, and both are home to leading research institutions
like Amsterdam’s National Research
Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI)
and the National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High
Energy Physics (NIKHEF)
and Austin’s University of Texas IC² Institute, the Texas’
Emerging Technology Fund
and the planned Southwest
Academy of Nanotechnology.

Part of the visit featured a wide-ranging panel discussion with:

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Later in the afternoon, I caught up with Dr.Hoogland to ask him some questions about the Amsterdam Science Park that I’ll post next week.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca