3 Actions You Can Take to Positively Impact Your Customers’ IT Organizations

I think most of us try to make a difference in our customers’ businesses. And, when we understand our customers’ pain points, we are better able to provide solutions that address their needs and positively impact their organizations.

Help your customers solve their data sprawl issues with EMC XtremIO integrated copy
data management (iCDM)

Critical business processes require multiple copies of each database’s and application’s data for development, analytics, operations, and data protection. To improve organizational agility and competitiveness, more is better—more copies, more frequently, with more operational self-service across the process cycles.

Today, industry analysts, vendors, and customers alike consider copy data management (CDM) a true challenge …Typically there are 5-12 copies for each production database.. A $44billion challenge, according to IDC. In addition, IDC estimates that up to 60% of an organization’s IT storage hardware and infrastructure budget is consumed by copy data management—and copy data sprawl.[1] As a result, to many IT organizations, CDM represents an immense financial and operational burden.

EMC XtremIO pioneered the concept of integrated Copy Data Management, or iCDM. Simply put, iCDM is the ability to consolidate both primary data and its associated copies on the same scale-out all-flash array, and delivers an effective, scalable and space efficient option for integrated CDM.

EMC XtremIO iCDM is built from the following foundations:

·     Bullet-proof, consistent IOPS and latency, and the ability to scale out more performance as needed
·     Allows instant creation of high performance copies of any data set, using in-memory XtremIO Virtual Copy technology (XVC). XVC enables copies creation of nearly any quantity, space- efficient, with full data services with no impact on SLAs
·     Application integration and automation into rich application workflows using EMC AppSync.
·     Ability of application, database and development owners to self-serve manage the generation and provisioning of copies

icdm stack.jpg

Therefore EMC XtremIO iCDM enables copies that are:

·     Space efficient (Capacity and Metadata)
·     High performance
·     Instant to create, refresh, delete or recover
·     Nearly unlimited in quantity
·     Managed through a flexible, integrated application workflow

When built into primary storage, iCDM can eliminate up to 80% of copy data challenges and
is much more cost-effective than software-based approaches.

EMC XtremIO  iCDM enables accelerated development, productivity gains, reduced operational risk, better decision making, and faster recovery.

EMC XtremIO iCDM has caught the attention of industry experts and analysts. Here are just a few of the articles:

EMC XtremIO iCDM is a unique differentiator that only EMC offers. Use this “secret weapon” to combat your customers’ copy data management issues.
Here are three things you can do to positively impact your customers’ IT organizations—and your bottom line—with EMC XtremIO iCDM:

1.   Identify the right customer contacts—the application-focused people—who struggle with making multiple copies for testing, analytics, operations (like patches), upgrades, or tuning. Show them how EMC XtremIO iCDM can transform business processes and infrastructure.

2.   Demonstrate the transformational capabilities of EMC XtremIO.

3.   Ask customers how their organizations would benefit from the ability to:
  • Provide application teams separate lifecycle copies instantly—with no space or SLA impact?
  • Deliver real-time and on-demand decision-support extractions, and the resulting accelerated analytics workflows?
  • Deploy an all-flash infrastructure to achieve dramatically improved performance at LESS THAN HALF the cost of an existing infrastructure?
  • Reduce storage sprawl—while streamlining dev/ops, QA, BI/analytics and data protection—to create a transformed, more agile organization?

With EMC XtremIO iCDM, every single one of these abilities is within reach.

At the end of the day, our business is about making a difference. It’s about showing customers a better way to complete all necessary, daily tasks … easier, faster, and cheaper (Yes, I said cheaper!). It’s about not relying on separate environments that require significant budget and staff resources to manage, test, develop, and deliver a single solution. And, it’s about helping customers realize TCO and operational savings.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at Rima.Robinson@emc.com , XtremIO Partner Enablement

About the Author: Rima Robinson