University Relations Group Blog

Today University Relations follows Linux to become the second group blog within Direct2Dell. What’s a group blog? It’s a section of content that’s related to Direct2Dell overall, but tends to be of interest to a smaller part of the overall Direct2Dell audience.

What’s the purpose? Two things:

  • It allows the bloggers to focus on more granular topics of interest to readers of that category.
  • It translates into a faster response to your comments, since group blogs are supported by centralized content experts in that area.

In general, the University Relations group blog is meant for college students at all levels. Take a look at the initial post from Sherri Sides, who manages the University Relations team.

If this content develops into something of personal interest, I encourage you to get subscribe to the RSS feed for the University Relations group blog here. Once you do that, you will receive updates specific to that category in your RSS reader of choice.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca