Simplifying Recycling for Small Businesses

Today, we’re introducing a way for small business customers to recycle unwanted computer equipment.

Customers in the United States with fewer than 10 pieces of computer equipment can contact their sales representative to request a personal asset recovery number for our new Web-based service. Upon completion of the process, we provide a report of how the system’s data was cleansed and how the system was recycled. Customers have the option of ordering enhanced packaging and can monitor the status of their equipment during the shipping process. This StudioDell video provides a good overview of how the process works. This PDF does too.

Why single out small businesses? A recent IDC survey commissioned by Dell found that small companies are far less likely to use IT disposal services compared with medium- and large-size companies. An estimated 11 percent of companies with fewer than 100 employees intend to use an IT disposal service, compared with 65 percent of companies with 10,000 or more employees, the survey found.

By providing simple and affordable asset recovery options, we hope to enable small business customers to 1) take advantage of secure, affordable and environmentally-responsible asset disposal and 2) become part of The ReGeneration, people of all ages who care about the environment.

As always, we welcome your thoughts, comments and ideas on ways we can enhance our environmental programs. You can post them here or visit IdeaStorm. If you’re interested in learning more about responsible asset disposal, you can visit our Small Business Recycling website or check out a recent article I wrote for for more insight.

About the Author: Joe Strathmann