First Top 10 List: Top 10 Interviews Do’s and Don’ts

a formula that’s worked for David Letterman for years, and we thought it would
be a fun way to cover topics on a semi-regular basis.

that, Paul can we get some music for our first Top 10 list?

10.        Don’t use an
interview as your trial run to determine what questions you can get away with asking
such as “How much can I expect to bank my
first year?”

9.         Veer from using the “deer in
headlights” look when asked what you want to do long-term 

8.         Don’t chomp or blow bubbles!  Helpful hint: 
If you must have gum, strategically place on roof of mouth

7.         “Yes”, “No” or
“Great question!” are not adequate answers to an interview question

6.         Resist the
urge to tsk, scoff, roll your eyes or cry when asked about a previous

5.         Never address your interviewer as
“Dude” or “Bro” no matter how cool they appear to be

4.         Do not fidget, text your BFF or study the funky artwork in the room while being interviewed

3.         Don’t forget to silence your phone lest
the interviewer hears “Fergalicious” halfway through the first
interview question

2.         Don’t act
desperate, as though you have two options:  Get the job OR never be able to face
your parents again

1.         NEVER, no matter what, bring your mom
to an interview. Unfortunately, the use of life lines
will not be offered in the interview process

About the Author: Betsy Brubaker