New Category: Simplify IT

I’ve made some changes to the category list on Direct2Dell. First off, I consolidated Servers, Storage and Enterprise into one new category called Simplify IT. The new category will serve as the home for the group blog that covers everything from corporate desktops, notebooks and workstations to server and storage.

You will hear from M. Lee Sellers, Glenn Keels and others from our corporate client and server and storage product teams. As the category name suggests, our folks will try to emphasize how our corporate products and services take some of the complexity out of computing for companies of all sizes. For a bit more context on where this fits, take a look at the content on

We’ve also created a Simplify IT category on IdeaStorm as well. We welcome any ideas you have that you think will make your life easier—whether you are a small business owner, a CIO, or an employee in the IT group of your organization.

Update 10/8: I forgot to mention an important point. Anyone interested in following updates in the Simplify IT category can get the RSS feed here.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca