David Armano Visits Dell

David Armano is a blogger who RichardatDell introduced me to a while back and I’m really glad he did. David recently spent a day with some of the Dell team so that we could give him some insight into things we’re up to, and to get a chance to learn from him.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, David is a blogging machine, and to say he’s a social media evangelist is an understatement. So, why is this important? Because in my view, anyone interested in launching or supporting a corporate blog will probably have to play the role of social media evangelist at various stages. Often times, that means explaining social media concepts to people at all levels in the company. In a lot of ways, that’s not easy to do.

David makes it look easy and has a great way of explaining things in simple terms so folks can connect the dots in their own way. Need some evidence? Check out a PDF of a presentation of his called Visual Thinking Archive. See more of his presentations here. On his blog, Logic + Emotion, he has tons of content and often explains social media concepts in more detail.

In this vlog, I got to talk to David about some of these things. Maybe it’s the cowboy hat, but doesn’t he look a bit like Robert Rodriguez?

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