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Recently, three Dell products won a Good Design Award in Japan earlier this month: the XPS M2010 desktop replacment sytem, the XPS M1330 notebook and the XPS 720 H2C gaming desktop. These awards followed shortly after the 2707WFP won an iF Design Award in China. 


This year, almost 3,000 products were submitted in various categories. Winners were chosen based on several criteria:

  • Aesthetically superior design

  • Attractiveness

  • Functionality

  • Originality

  • Performance

  • Safety

  • User-friendliness

  • Value

In this video, Hope Lawrence from the Experience Design Group talks a bit about the award process, Dell’s overall design approach and she hints at some Dell’s activities in this week’s Connecting 2007: World Design Congress event. More details from that event there coming soon.

Update 10/18—Meant to include this in the post from last night, but forgot to.. here’s a StudioDell video that explains Dell’s overall approach to product design. LM

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