Social Media Club Bringing Shel Israel and Others to Dell

Since I’m on the road and haven’t had time to pull this together, thought I’d leverage the work done my my good friend and colleague RichardatDell to tell you about the Social Media Club event we’re hosting here in Round Rock on Tuesday, November 6. Now on to what Richard had to say:

You thought all things social media were west-coast-oriented?  Not so. The Social Media Club shares best practices, establishes ethics and standards, and promotes literacy around the emerging area of Social Media.

And, one of the places to start that conversation is right here. Starting the Conversation takes place on the Dell Campus on November 6th with some of the “best and the brightest” coming for a one day workshop for anyone who wants to attend—from Dell and other companies.

Co-founder of the Social Media Club Chris Heuer, Shel Israel, author of Naked Conversations, and local area notables Connie Reece and Kami Huyse will join members of the Dell team to discuss how social media can propel business to the next level.  We will discuss social media and how it can improve marketing, communications, recruiting, support and customer relationships.

If you want to explore how business becomes personal again and learn about new and innovative ways to build stronger relationships, trust and loyalty, then plan on attending this workshop.

There is special pricing for the Austin event: the regular price of $299 will be discounted to $199 if you register by Monday, October 29.  Use the discount code CONNIE for an additional $50 off when you register online.  If you’re a member of Social Media Club at the professional, business or corporate level, the price is just $149.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca