IdeaStorm User Statistics and Personal Points Are Now Fixed

As most of
you know, tonight we deployed a significant bug fix on IdeaStorm to make all user
statistics (number of ideas, comments and votes) and “personal points” accurate.

The bug had
been discussed quite a bit this week, mainly on badblood’s “Give us our points back
idea. If you haven’t already seen my comments on that idea, here’s the scoop on
what the bug was, how we’ve fixed it, and how it affects your user dashboard:

  • Prior to
    today, we had a syncing issue that resulted in the user statistics, and the
    personal points, not being properly updated when ideas were merged or removed. This
    issue had been reported before, most recently by badblood in his idea, “Refresh the ideas/points count”. Tonight’s bug fix has
    solved the syncing issue and done a total recalculation of statistics and
    points. For those of you who have had ideas merged or removed, you will see a
    reduction in your user statistics and your personal points, in order to reflect
    their true counts.
  • Tonight’s bug
    fix not only brought everyone’s user statistics and personal points back to
    their true count, it also included a fix to avoid the syncing issue in
    the future. So from now on, if you post an idea that is a duplicate, and it’s
    merged into the original, or if your idea is removed for a Terms
    of Use
    violation, you will no longer receive personal points for that idea, and it
    will no longer add to your idea count on your dashboard.
  • And lastly,
    tonight’s fix also included a couple of the minor changes to the user dashboard that
    jervis961 had suggested in his idea, “Can you fix the user dashboard?


I’ve been reading the new ideas submitted this week about modifying the IdeaStorm scoring and
personal points system (some folks are debating whether demotes should or
should not count against a user’s personal points), including phubert’s idea, “Accumulating and Displaying
counts – more detail is better!
I hope you’ll
join this conversation about how the scoring and points system should work, so
we can continue to build the best solution together.


Thanks for
your patience while we made this important update to IdeaStorm! 



About the Author: Caroline Dietz Conway