Social Media Club Workshop with Shel, Chris, Connie & Kami

Eariler this week, Dell worked with folks from the Social Media Club organization to host a Social Media Club workshop here in Round Rock, Texas. This was the first time we hosted an event like this, and I’m glad we did it. We had a diverse group of about 80 folks in attendance (password: nov6dell).

It really was an honor to have Shel Israel kick off the discussion. There’s a reason he has such a positive reputation in the community. A bit more on Shel later…

Kami Huyse showed why she’s become an important figure in the world of social media measurement. She posted her presentation here. In that presentation, Kami showed a video interview with Katie Paine, someone she considers an invaluable measurement mentor. Beyond that, Kami posted several good resources in this wiki page (password: nov6dell) used for this meeting. Geoff Livingston kicked off a measurement meme after hearing Kami’s presentation to further the discussion. I was bummed that I didn’t get to spend much time while he was here. Congrats on the launch of the new book, Geoff!

Chris Heuer did an excellent job providing his perspective on how social media is changing the companies interact with their customers. You can see a copy of  Chris’ presentation, “The Social Media Playbook” here. Shel also posted some video footage from Chris’ session at his blog, which is called Global Neighborhoods. And speaking of Shel’s blog, November 6 was also the four-year anniversary of Shel’s blog. RichardAtDell provided the gift and the lovely singing voice you’ll hear is from none other than Kami herself. Happy Birthday Shel!!!

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I was part of a panel that included Lynn Tyson, Dell’s VP of Investor Relations—she was there to discuss the launch of Dell Shares, the Dell IR blog, Geoffrey Knox, who leads our tech support blog outreach team, Caroline Dietz, who manages IdeaStorm and the unstoppable RichardatDell, who responds to more blog posts to represent Dell than anyone else I can think of.

Special thanks Connie Reece, Chris, Mike and a host of others who worked to make this happen. Also, thanks all the attendees who made this a very productive day.  Some folks thought it might be good for Dell to host another workshop a year from now, and I think it’s a great idea.

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