XPS 700: 590 Chipset Revisited

Several Direct2Dell readers like Leonard, pointguard1122, Kevin and others have asked us to respond to pictures on a Dell Community Forum thread that shows the southbridge chip labeled as 570 SLI. Here’s what Bryan Del Rizzo, NVIDIA spokesperson, had to say:

“The Dell XPS 700 and 710 desktop platforms use nForce 590 SLI Intel Edition MCPs. This chipset has dual X16 PCI Express slots for SLI, which is the primary feature upgrade over the nForce 570 chipset. The correct chip label on the southbridge for the Intel implementation is NF 570 SLI. All nForce 590 SLI Intel products use this chip paired with our northbridge. Since the AMD architecture and memory controller operate differently than Intel’s, we also use this same chip in one of our single-chip AMD configurations. We’ll have more details regarding this topic on our website soon.”

What does this mean to XPS 700 and 710 customers? On both systems, Dell implemented the parts required (north and southbridge) for the nForce 590 according to NVIDIA’s specification for Intel processors. On AMD products, the combination of parts required is different based on processor architecture.

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