More Retail Expansion in Europe and Asia

I’m late in sharing this, so I bet many of you have been keeping up with the news, but for those that might have missed it, we recently announced two different retail agreements that will extend our retail reach into several parts of Europe. Earlier in December, we announced an agreement with DSG International plc (DSGi). Starting in next month, customers will be able to buy high-end gaming systems, notebooks and desktops across DSGi’s network of stores, including PC World, Currys and stores in the UK, as well as online. Customers will also be able to buy Dell products through the European network of DSGi store brands such as Electro World, PC City, and Elkjop.

In the U.K., services for these Dell products will be handled by DSGi’s TechGuys. They will offer a range of customer service options including installation and setup, telephone support and more.

This agreement with DSCi will eventually cover stores in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

The other retail agreement is with Tesco, which serves customers in Europe and Asia. Also beginning next month, customers will be able to purchase Inspiron and XPS products mainly in the United Kingdom, but also in stores located in Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca