Energy Smart PowerEdge Servers

To follow on from John’s post from last week, energy efficiency continues to be an important topic. In September this year, we rolled out the OptiPlex 745, a desktop that brought stronger performance while reducing the power requirements vs. our previous desktops. Since then, we’ve introduced other energy-efficient OptiPlex models. Yesterday, we announced Energy Smart PowerEdge 1950 and 2950 server models. Just like the desktops, we’ve managed to increase performance while reducing power requirements through a combination of hardware and BIOS settings.

The low-voltage Intel Xeon 5100 series processors we offer in these servers do help us achieve better energy efficiency, but it’s more than that. Both servers incorporate power-optimizing features such as:

  • Variable speed and low-flow fan technology
  • High-efficiency power supplies
  • Factory-integrated BIOS and unique component design specifications for increased efficiency and air flow

We’ll continue to focus on making our systems more energy efficient. If you want to hear more about these servers and Dell’s approach to energy efficiency, check out this vlog.

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