4 Most Common Dell OEM Non-Standard Hardware Customization Requests

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Get to know the Dell OEM  Non-Standard Custom Engineering Team

Custom cables, unique bezels, additional graphic cards, extra SSDs and more are all in a day’s work for the Dell OEM non-standard custom engineering team.  This is the team called in to “customize” our Dell standard products to solve a specific OEM customer request.  Their sole purpose is to listen to the customer’s needs and figure out a way to make it happen. Projects range from a few months to larger year long engagements.  Last year Dell OEM completed over 1200 custom projects.  While only a select percentage of our customers utilize the service; we are far from a one-guy in a garage business.

If you have been following our Dell OEM Blogs, you have seen several blogs and videos on our unique customization projects demonstrating the depth and breadth of our non-standard custom engineering services. The feedback has been great and we will continue to share more examples when possible.  Periodically the question comes up if the specific examples shared are common requests or unique one-off examples.  We wanted to address this by sharing with you the most common requests received through our custom intake tool. 

Here are the 4 Most Common Non-Standard Customization Requests:

1) Environmental Testing

Customers tend to ask us to further evaluate a Dell platforms’ ability to extend beyond the limits of Dell’s marketed environmental specifications (operating temperature, shock and vibration, humidity, etc..) to satisfy unique customer use cases.


2. Additional Storage

Another common request is to add additional storage devices on Dell products to meet customers storage needs including enabling internal SATA-DOM and other boot devices.


3. Graphics and other PCI add-in card qualification

We are also asked to test unique graphic cards and other add-in PCI cards to validate function and systems ability to meet their cooling needs to enable CFI and/or CFS installation.


4. Non OEM-Ready Product Rebranding

We also provide rebranded solution on products that are not currently a part of the OEM-ready Roadmap.


Google Example

Pivot3 Example


These types of customizations are only available to certain customers and do increase lead times and costs; however, I hope this help continue to expand the awareness around of our unique OEM capabilities.

Being able to leverage the quality, global support, and global fulfillment of a Tier-1 Manufacturer coupled with product design flexibility can have significant benefits to your business’s top and bottom line growth.

If you would like more information on our engineering services, please contact us today.  Our engineers are always up for a good challenge!

About the Author: Samantha Needham

Topics in this article