4 Storage Trends For OEMs

There has been more change in the storage market in the past five years than there was in the proceeding fifteen years, and the future looks like it is not going to slow down soon.  So how does an OEM who is building a solution in their respective market deal with these changes in ways that will provide a competitive advantage while lowering or maintaining a already limited product development budget?

  1. Enterprise 3.5” disk drives (HDD) were the only option for over 15 years
  2. 3.5” SATA drives proved to be as reliable in the field and less cost per GB 
  3. New Enterprise 2.5” disk drives solve the power and cooling problems of more powerful servers
  4. Solid State Drive (SSD) in all their various flavors are game changers

As an OEM it really depends on how important it is for you to control your storage.  If building storage subsystem is not core to your product but your product is sensitive to how storage behaves then I propose that you leverage a trusted storage partner to build the right storage system based on all the new building blocks that have come out in recent years and more importantly the new storage technology that is coming to the market.  Future storage products will demand serious considerations on system designs and implementations which can profoundly impact your solution.

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About the Author: Ray Stahl