Blog Tag: 5 Things About Lionel

I was tagged by fellow corporate blogger Eric Kintz over at HP. Though it took a while to make it to us, I think it’s good that corporate bloggers are being included. Here goes:

1. I have an Archaeology degree from the University of Texas. I focused on the Maya civilization in Central America. Loved it, but let’s just say high tech is a much more straightforward career path.

2. Musicians I’ve met (in chronological order): Ted Nugent (not too long after his Miami Vice appearance), Anthony Keidis, Tito Larriva, Jakob Dylan, Ian Astbury & Billy Duffy, Pete Yorn, David Lowery & Johnny Hickman. Side note: while I was in line several years ago during SXSW, I stood by a guy who claimed to be Elliott Smith—he wasn’t.

3. I’m a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. Have watched them every year since the 1976 season when they beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII. Even though it’s not yet Christmas, my father-in-law recently gave me a signed copy of Rayfield Wright’s biography, Wright Up Front… what an awesome gift. 

4. In terms of importance, if I were to rank all the things (gadgets included) I use on a daily basis, my Titanium crutches would be at the top of the list. I’ve owned countless pairs of aluminum crutches in my lifetime, and broken just about every one of them. Kudos to Thomas Fetterman for designing and manufacturing the best crutches I’ve ever owned.

5. PC games were the main reason I became a hardware geek. First upgrade I ever installed: a CGA graphics card so I could play Jet in four colors on an XT-compatible machine. Yes, I upgraded from a monochrome graphics adapter.

Since I’m late in the game, I had to think about folks to tag: Mike K. from Hacking Netflix, Matt Haughey, creator of PVRblog, Thomas Hawk, Shel Holtz (thanks for giving the Dell blog a chance right out of the gate) and  Bill Betts from GM’s FastLane blog.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca