OpenManage Server Administrator 5.3 posted in Dell yum repositories

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We have updated the Dell yum repository with the latest version of OpenManage Server Administrator, version 5.3. The repository with OMSA is at, while more information can be found at

Dell OMSA is a suite of tools provided by Dell for server monitoring and administration. Yum is a software distribution mechanism that is supported in all of the Linux operating systems shipped on Dell servers. You can do initial installs or upgrade OMSA using the yum repository. The advantage of installing OMSA from the yum repositories is that you can receive future upgrades through the same mechanism that you receive upgrades to all the rest of your operating system components, all done automatically, or through your favorite software administration tools.

My personal thanks to all of the people who tested the repository last week. We found and fixed one minor problem with the bootstrap process, but other than that, there were no reports of issues. Anybody who helped in this effort should now consider reverting their config back to default in order to receive future updates.

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Topics in this article