A new status: Reviewed

Over the past year we've had several different status tags;
kept most, gotten rid of a few. Back in November, we defined the purpose and meaning
behind the tags
and cleaned them up. After several months of steadily
assigning tags, we've discovered that we need a new one (and a few no longer
are necessary). So we discussed our options as a team and asked
some of the IdeaStorm community
in Storm Room what they thought. Here is
what we came up with:

When an idea is tagged "Under Review" it is sent
to the business for evaluation. After that internal discussion, the idea is
sometimes "In Progress" or "Implemented". But, more often,
the idea does not fit into either of these categories (or any of the other
status tags). When this situation happens now, the idea now will be tagged

A "Reviewed" status tag means the idea has been
tagged "Under Review," sent to the business for evaluation, and
reviewed. This status tag will require a response from the business that
includes a summary of the review process and any outcomes of the idea

In lieu of this new tag, and as an effort to simplify and
minimize the number of tags, we will retire the following status tags:


The history of the
tags will remain on the ideas and on our tag definition page. If you have any
questions, feel free to ask!

About the Author: Kara Krautter