Comment Moderation

A few people have asked about how comments are moderated so I thought I’d clarify.  You can read our “Rules of Engagement” for more details.

Since launch, we’ve posted about 80% of comments and directed 18% to Dell support for resolution.  We rejected 2% because they were off-topic, profane, defamatory (or all of the above).

Let’s talk about the 18% that goes to Dell Support—smart people like Andrew Durrett and Geoff Knox.  They are there to solve your problem quickly and they are ready.  You can bypass me and go direct to that team via this e-mail.  I’ve updated the Contact Us page with this information as well.

While I’m posting…. we’re also working on Dell one2one site enhancements.  We now have a full-text feed.  Here’s what I’m looking into: MP4 downloads (by far the #1 suggestion via the Suggestion Box).  I hear you loud and clear and I’m fixing it.  I’m working on bios for each of our bloggers. (Thanks to a number of you for suggesting it, including Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson on FIR.)  I am investigating permalinks for comments.  Finally, we’re adding an e-mail field (optional, not published) in the Comments section so that I’ll have a way to contact you.

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