5 smart devices to keep the kids healthy, safe

By Tom Huston, Contributor

Few things in this world worry parents more than the health and safety of their children. Parents remain ever vigilant, always on the lookout for signs of potential threats to their children’s well-being. But after thousands of years of heeding this nurturing instinct, it seems that concerned parents can finally let their guards down just a little bit — thanks to the power of Bluetooth and 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE).

New health-tracking devices and wearables designed specifically for children have arrived, and they promise to make the always-on task of parenting slightly easier to manage, one data point at a time. Here are five of the most innovative gadgets for kids’ health and safety.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer links to your mobile device

Digital thermometers have been around for a few decades, but the competition is heating up with Kinsa, especially during flu season. The Smart Thermometer, which connects directly to your smartphone, provides onscreen graphics to soothe your fidgety children and record their temperatures. The device then collates the results so you can easily monitor the child’s journey back to health.

Fever Smart: Continuous, real-time thermometer readings

But if your child is really ill, you may want to try Fever Smart for an unbroken, continuous stream of real-time thermometer readings. This small device attaches to a disposable patch that you place under your child’s armpit, and transmits data via Bluetooth to a nearby phone or tablet. The results can also be viewed online so you can keep a close watch no matter where you are.

Mimo Baby Monitor helps you track your baby’s every move

For parents with infants in their care, the Mimo Baby Monitor is a robust wearable worth considering. It’s a smart onesie that sends continuous updates to your phone about your baby’s activities, breathing patterns, sleeping position and temperature. It even features a machine-washablebaby monitor, so you can use the app to listen in and make sure that all is well.

Sproutling: A wearable for your baby’s ankle

Due out in March 2015, Sproutling is another infant wearable offering smart features. It wraps around your baby’s ankle and tracks heart rate, temperature, motion and position. As it gathers that data, the device provides insights to help you predict, for instance, when your child will wake up from her nap. With tools like these, who needs nannies?

FiLip helps you keep track of where your child goes

Monitoring your children’s vital stats is one thing, but from the moment kids can walk, another concern arises in every parent’s mind: Where are they and are they safe? FiLip is a smartwatch and wrist phone for kids designed to relieve such worries with GPS tracking, an emergency call button, parent messaging functions and more. You’ll never lose your child in a crowded shopping mall again.

As the Internet of Things continues to gather momentum, we should expect to see a steady stream of new devices such as these aiming to keep young children safe and healthy, while reducing their parents’ worries, little by little.

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