5 Ways PowerEdge MX Can Take Your Company to the Next Level

By now you’ve heard us refer to kinetic infrastructure, which includes the benefits of modular design but extends the flexibility down to the individual storage device, as the end state nirvana. As our industry shifts from a virtualization era toward a disaggregated era, companies will have the ability to dynamically assign and reassign the right resources for the right workloads. Those that embrace the change will benefit from improved efficiency, increased profitability and overall better business results. By adopting kinetic infrastructure and working toward full server utilization, you can position your organization for success both now and into the future.

The Dell EMC PowerEdge MX is the first modular server designed with kinetic infrastructure. PowerEdge MX provides the flexibility, agility and responsiveness needed to bridge demands of both traditional and transformational workloads.

Combining compute and storage, connected by scalable fabric, this 7U chassis with integrated systems management software creates shared resources pools that can be dynamically allocated and reallocated as needed for optimum workload performance.

Servers based on kinetic infrastructure provide many benefits and can play a crucial role in your company’s IT transformation. Here are 5 ways PowerEdge MX can help take your company to the next level:

  1. Process Transformational Workloads

Transformational workloads, which include new and emerging workloads, have different hardware requirements than traditional workloads.

Traditional Workloads Transformational Workloads
Includes mainstream workloads such as:

·        File and print

·        Web serving

·        Virtual desktop

·        Collaborative applications

·        Content applications

Include new and emerging workloads such as:

·        Structured data management software

·        Structured data analytics

·        Unstructured data analytics (cognitive/AI)

·        Software-defined storage

·        Cloud-native application

PowerEdge MX can handle these data-intense workloads, allowing you to quickly process and translate the data into something useful. Whether it’s chatbots, automated marketing tools or another emerging application, these transformational workloads can give your business an advantage in HR, sales, R&D, fulfillment, customer service and more.

  1. Position You for Growth

As a company grows, its IT infrastructure must grow along with it. PowerEdge MX enables businesses to scale efficiently, positioning your company for both short and long-term success. As workloads change, you can expand and add more chassis in the rack without the need to purchase additional servers. This “zero growth footprint” means you can add capabilities without the need to purchase additional equipment.

  1. Frees up IT Potential

PowerEdge MX dynamically allocates and reallocates shared resource pools as needed for optimum workload performance. This increased density frees up existing data center space, allowing it to be used in other, more efficient ways. Because the unused resources are no longer trapped, they’re available to all existing and future configurations. You can manage spare capacity from a data center level instead of a per server level. This way, a smaller amount of reserved resources can provide the overflow capacity to more servers.

  1. Easy to Manage

The PowerEdge MX integrated systems management software allows users to spend less time managing workloads, which frees up time for other critical tasks. Open Manage Enterprise Modular Edition replaces multiple enterprise-level systems management tools with one unified management platform. You can simplify and automate administration, building and managing entire data centers from that single platform. Not only does this make your life easier, but you can better control administrative costs. Win-win.

  1. Improved Business Outcomes

The above benefits work together to accomplish one of the most important advantages of PowerEdge MX: helping you reach your business objectives. PowerEdge MX’s unique design helps companies improve their overall business outcomes, such as increased profitability, decreased operating costs and enhanced customer experience. The simplified deployment process reduces errors and downtime, and the increased efficiency means your employees can spend more time on the tasks that add value to your business. The ability to handle transformational workloads quickly allows you to incorporate applications that generate leads or enhance customer experience.

The Dell EMC PowerEdge MX provides a solid foundation for your company’s IT transformation. Its flexible architecture, agile management and responsive design helps you handle traditional and transformational workloads, realizing your potential now and into the future.

For more information about the PowerEdge MX, kinetic infrastructure and the role it can play in your IT transformation download the Dell EMC eBook: The Role of Modular Infrastructure in IT Transformation.

About the Author: Emily O'Shaughnessy

Emily is a Technical Marketing Manager for Dell PowerEdge and VMware, where she works to highlight the many unique benefits of running VMware software on PowerEdge servers. Prior to her current role, Emily was a content storyteller for Dell EMC and used her extensive marketing background to bring the PowerEdge brand to life. Before joining Dell, Emily worked in digital marketing where she handled inbound marketing, strategy, content creation, social media and marketing automation for a wide range of clients. She has written for a variety of industries including finance, business, higher education, tech and healthcare. She received her MBA at Tulane University in New Orleans where she also enjoyed her fair share of po’ boys and crawfish. Emily lives in Georgetown, TX, and loves spending time outdoors with her husband, three daughters, and two sweet but mischievous spaniels.