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I’ve mentioned StudioDell a bit since we launched it at CES, but thought it might be worth a few minutes to explain how it’s set up in case some Direct2Dell readers find it useful. StudioDell is divided into three main channels: Home, Small Business, and IT Pro. Each channel has three programs that I’ve summarized in bullet points below.

Please take a look at some of the sample videos. If you have ideas on topics you’d like to see covered, you can e-mail I’m also interested in your reaction as well, so feel free to respond to this blog post if you have an opinion. I’ll share any comments that you have with the team behind StudioDell.

On a side note… soon, we hope to begin accepting videos created by our customers. Still working out some back-end details, but I’ll  have an update in the next few weeks.

Home Channel:

Small Business Channel:

IT Pro Channel:

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