A Few Days Into SB360

As Tom mentioned recently, the Dell Small Business Team launched SB360—an online resource designed for small businesses users to share and learn aspects of starting and growing a business. Dell Community Forum mirrored the SB360 launch with 6 small business interest groups. These interest groups are destinations for small business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, and wanna-be’s to openly ask any question around your starting/growing your business, current/future technology purchases, expanding the usage model of your technology.


No topic is too small. There is no dumb question.


So what have we heard so far?  User Monil C.  asks questions about products.  Others, like Renovation1 wonder if a wireless-enabled PDA is enough to meet their mobility needs.


In our view, there’s is no need for a small business owner to struggle with technology.  Just because you do not have a technology advisor, does not make your business any less dependant on technology.


We’ve worked to make the forum easy to use, and it does not require a purchase from Dell. With your participation, we can build this into a resource that allows you to use technology more efficiently to run your small business. If you find it useful, please consider exploring the forum, bookmark it, and encourage your employees to use it as a resource. If you don’t like it, or think of things we can do to make it more useful, please share those thoughts as well.

About the Author: Sean McDonald