Something Vista This Way Comes

Later today, Microsoft announces availability of Windows Vista and Office 2007. Kevin Rollins and Alex Gruzen, our senior VP of the Consumer Product Group will be on hand at the event in New York City. You can tune into a webcast of Microsoft’s event beginning at 4:45pm EST.

Dell will begin shipping notebooks and desktops tomorrow (Tuesday, January 30) on all but two of our Dimension desktop and Inspiron notebook products. To answer questions from Direct2Dell readers Reggie and Noel Burke: unfortunately, we won’t be shipping Vista right away on the XPS 710 and the XPS 710 H2C. We still have more testing and optimization on high-end graphics card drivers left to do.

Update: Beyond graphics card drivers, we’re still working through testing Vista compatibility with some gaming software and certain gaming peripherals.

In my post over the weekend, I mentioned that we will ship Vista in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. We expect to ship additional languages over the next couple of weeks and beyond.

Lastly, wanted to include this vlog from Daniel Judd, who’s blogged about Vista system requirements and is part of the Dell team that’s launching it. He touches on some of the testing Dell has done leading up to this launch and also highlights some of the features he likes in the new OS.

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 More on Vista tomorrow.

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