CompleteCare Now More Complete

Most people agree that the best part about having a notebook computer is the ability to use it nearly anywhere. The coffee shop, any room in your house, at the park on a Sunday afternoon—mobility brings flexibility.

But mobility can come a price. It’s estimated that there’s a one in 10 chance of a notebook computer being lost or stolen. To help our customers recover systems that have been stolen, Dell CompleteCare service for home/personal (non-business) notebooks now includes comes bundled with LoJack theft protection software. Customers can also purchase LoJack software separately as well. It’s designed to track, locate and recover stolen notebooks. Nearly 75% of stolen computers with LoJack installed on them are recovered.

Note: I added the words “home/personal (non-business)” and the strikethrough in the third sentence of the above paragraph for further clarification. My apologies. Lionel

The way it works is this: all Dell notebooks systems include a hidden “agent” on the BIOS. After installing LoJack software and connecting to the Internet, the agent is activated. Should your notebook be lost or stolen, simply file a police report and notify the Recovery Team. Once the stolen system is connected to the Internet, it can be tracked and reported to law enforcement personnel.

Update: For a video overview of CompleteCare service and LoJack software, take a look at this StudioDell video.

When we look at what kind of services our customers want, it’s clear that protecting personal files and important data is a high priority. This is one more way for customers to protect their PCs and all of the important files on them. Stay tuned.

About the Author: Julie Lary