Comment Moderation Redux

There’s been some misreportings about this in the blogosphere. 

Let me be clear, we read 100% of the comments and there is no
censorship or banning of users.  All comments are reviewed and posted—good or bad—as long as they fall within our Rules of Engagement. 
We will not ever ban any of you for submitting a request for product support.  However, instead of posting these requests for support, I will route them to the teams that can actually do something about it.

This process has led to several succesful outreaches, including Rick’s outreach to B.L. Ochman.  For a more direct route, you can bypass me altogether and send an e-mail to support.  This information will always be available in the Contact Us page.  Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am still working to add an e-mail field (optional, not published) in the Comments section.  This information allows the support team to contact you.

We do want to hear your specific ideas on things that need to be improved, as well as ideas on how to improve them.  Of course, we’re happy to receive compliments as well, just so you don’t forget.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca