Latitude Notebooks Join Dell n-Series

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Since we launched Dell IdeaStorm last week, Linux-related topics own three of the top four spots in terms of overall popularity. To see the progress made on some of the top ideas from the first week, take a look at the ideas in action tab.

I wanted to share some details that bring us a bit closer to the third most popular idea thread, linux laptop—an idea that has earned almost 37,000 points as I'm writing. For the last several weeks, we’ve been working to bring Latitude notebooks to the n-Series lineup. n-Series are Dell products that ship with no operating system pre-installed. We now offer the Latitude D420, D520, D620 and D820.

Dell's Latitude notebook line now joins our n-series Dimension and OptiPlex desktops and workstations is now available, complete with FreeDOS on CD in the box—ready for you to install the Linux distribution of your choice. As with other n-Series products, Dell hasn't tested any particular Linux distribution and doesn't offer software support for running Linux on these, so we encourage you to join our Linux mailing lists and to use the one of your chosen distribution for community-based support.

For more information, visit the Dell Linux Engineering website.

About the Author: Matt Domsch

Topics in this article