Join the Green Grid

Yesterday, a new organization called The Green Grid announced the completion of
the consortium’s formation and issued a call for members.  The Green Grid is a global consortium
dedicated to developing and promoting energy efficiency for data centers and
information services.  Yesterday,  we also announced the Board of Directors,
which is comprised of members from AMD,  APC, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Rackable Systems, SprayCool , Sun
and VMware.  We’re proud to be among the founding members
of the organization and I wanted to share this news in because we know how
important the issue of energy-efficiency has become in the IT industry.


Like all companies in the Green Grid consortium, Dell is
committed to providing our customers energy-efficient products, and actively
working with customers to help them design more efficient data centers.  In addition to our focus on energy
efficiency, having our industry focused on a holistic solution that includes
silicon, computing hardware, power and cooling, and software is key to enabling
customers with an energy efficient solution. 
I invite you to learn more about the efforts by visiting the updated
. In addition to finding details on how to join, you
can also download PDF white papers on the Green Grid
,  Guidelines
for Energy-Efficient Datacenters
, and Green Grid
Metrics: Describing Datacenter Power Efficiency
. Here’s InformationWeek’s
take on the news
.  For more
information on Dell’s efforts in these areas, please visit

About the Author: Rick Schuckle