IdeaStorm Traffic, We Need Your Stories for StudioDell

A little over two weeks ago, we used Direct2Dell to help launch two new pieces of our digital media strategy: IdeaStorm and user-generated content on StudioDell. IdeaStorm has seen lots of traffic since the launch: over 2,500 ideas and almost 6,000 comments overall. That said, what I really wanted to draw your attention to a new development called moderator update. It’s a tool we’ll use as necessary to provide details that pertain to IdeaStorm. A few highlights from this first one:

  • We’ve added a logout button

  • We’re working on a demote functionality

  • We don’t censor ideas, but we do merge duplicate ones
To view this first moderator update, look near the top right corner between the gray logout and terms of use buttons are located. The Ideas in Action tab will continue to be the main area where we will include regular updates about how we’re tracking against ideas that you make popular.

User-generated videos are another story—we’ve only received a handful of them. Of those, only a couple had anything to do with technology. Nik, a 5th grader who used his desktop to help win first place in a science contest was one. We’re looking for testimonials about how you use technology to do cool stuff. Gamers, feel free to send us videos of you and you buddies—think Leeroy Jenkins without the profanity. If you talk about your hardware, tell us what you like or how we can make it better. In case you want to see a bit about the PC hardware and gadgets I use at home, take a look at this video I submitted.  I know the Wachowski brothers won’t be calling me to be part of their next movie, but hopefully the video gives you an idea of the kind of stuff we’re looking for.

Finally, in an un-blog-like move, I’ll take a minute to tell you about a new viral marketing campaign about our DellConnect service. It’s a remote assistance tool that has served over 4.5 millions customers worldwide. Many customers who have tried remote support like it quite a bit.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca