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I’m glad to be back on Direct2Dell. Have been spending lots of time formalizing plans for my new team that we announced today, the Data Center Solutions (DCS) team. While we remain committed to designing, building and supporting great general-purpose server and storage products, it’s become clear that a set of customers have needs that differ in important ways. These customers are building out fleets of servers with power, thermal, and density issues of such a massive scale that they invite new approaches for optimization. That’s particularly true for Web 2.0 companies like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft Live, and Amazon—IT isn’t just a part of their business, it is their business.

The initial customer list for DCS isn’t just Internet companies… there’s a growing list of customers who meet this criteria.

To meet this need, we’ve created the DCS team and are announcing our first initiative, the Cloud Computing Solution. It is is a computing solution for “Hyperscale” data center environments including “design-to-order” hardware, planning and deployment expertise and customized services targeted to address key needs generally not met by traditional hardware vendors.

For more background, take a look at www.dell.com/cloudcomputing. In this vlog, I share more insight about our new organization. I look forward to providing regular updates from the team via Direct2Dell.

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Topics in this article