A Feat of Beautiful Engineering

Soon we will be launching Adamo, Dell’s pinnacle of precision craftsmanship and design. As that story continues to unfold, I encourage you to think about the people behind Adamo. A diverse team of engineers and designers from a broad range of backgrounds have combined their unique insights to create not just an important new PC, but a 360-degree, personalized brand experience.

Adamo keyboard

Today on AdamobyDell.com, we unveiled a new video (click on the image above to view it). This robots video is a stylized illustration of the precision and detail that went into Adamo’s design and engineering. In many ways, Adamo reflects the thought and effort required to build a fine Swiss watch. The materials used have extremely tight tolerances and flow together seamlessly. The engineering and design teams rose to the challenge of creating and working with materials that are 0.5mm thin (about the width of a mechanical pencil lead). The creativity and innovation that went into miniaturizing components so that the Adamo performs flawlessly are remarkable achievements that both engineers and non-engineers can appreciate.

I believe that when you see — and hold — an Adamo for the first time, you will be inspired. It’s a stunning, elegant, minimalist form.

Adamo is not only the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship, but it is also the laboratory and inspiration for design ideas that will flow through the rest of Dell’s consumer product portfolio in the future.

Over the past year, we’ve introduced breakthrough mobile lifestyle products like the Inspiron Minis in vibrant colors; and championed bold design options curated by artists from all over the world. We’ve embraced new opportunities for product personalization, incorporating support for meaningful causes like (Product) RED and Susan G. Komen Promise Pink.

Those efforts garnered 428 awards in 2008 alone. From product and packaging to overall product design and performance, we are setting new high standards for design, value, innovation and personalization.

I look forward to hearing from you as our story unfolds…

About the Author: Alex Gruzen