A Letter from Michael Dell

By Michael Dell, chief executive officer, Dell 

At Dell, we are honored by the relationships we share with you, our extraordinary customers, who are changing the world through the power of your ideas, passion and determination. We are in a privileged position to be 100 percent focused on your success and your dreams, and to have the freedom to invest strategically and consistently for the long term. We believe this has never been more important, because together we are unleashing a revolution in technological innovation that will touch every corner of the globe and every aspect of our lives.

I meet with thousands of you a year, and across Dell we have more than two billion customer interactions. You have our undivided attention. We’re listening, learning and leading the way for you in the Data Economy, where the value of technology to your organization is unprecedented. All around us, the Internet of Things is growing exponentially as the world becomes instrumented and intelligent. It’s like a wave of digital disruption carrying us to the next trillion-dollar opportunity for growth and productivity.

We’re making new connections from the data center to the device — which used to mean just a PC, but now could be an intelligent sensor or small computer embedded in an industrial machine or a bridge or a hospital bed. We’re building gateways on the network to collect all the data garnered from the physical world, and then turn that information into better maintenance, performance, capacity, or whatever the outcomes you care about most.

In the IoT, data-center transformation is imperative because you need the speed, scale and performance to process a whole world of information. You’ve asked us to lead the way in converged infrastructure and in open, software-based networking and storage, and we’ve done that. We’re delivering compute-centric architectures that set the bar for performance and value.

We also recognize the increasing role of services, and have invested in the expertise to help you maximize your current technology investments, build a blueprint for your journey to the cloud, and transition you to modern applications running in an open, future-ready environment. Additionally, our modernization, digital and vertical services can create value for your entire organization, helping empower your workforce, engage more meaningfully with customers…and ultimately grow your business.

As we travel this connected world of ubiquitous information, all roads lead to the cloud — and Dell technology helps power many of the major public cloud providers. Even more important, we are innovating with a broad range of partners to make the economics of private cloud just as compelling as public. We deliver an open, flexible, modular design with the security, manageability and accountability of your own dedicated technology environment.

In concert with these efforts, we’re optimizing workloads for the fastest, most powerful cloud-based analytics engines so the data you generate translates into results. Our point of view is that the hybrid cloud will be the model that best meets your needs for the foreseeable future, and we bring you the leading capability to integrate your information as it travels between your data center and best-of-breed providers of SAAS applications like CRM, HR and ERP.

You’ve also made it very clear that you value our end-to-end offerings, our integrated approach and our commitment to all of our lines of business. You care about the PC and so do we. We are continuing to invest in our PC business as an increasingly strategic component of your infrastructure. We are leading the way from commercial tablets to fast, beautiful notebooks to the world’s most powerful gaming and rendering machines to the virtual PCs and aggregators of a data-rich world.

Security from device to data center to cloud has never been more important for you and your organization, and that’s why our integrated approach is such an important differentiator. We give a common DNA to solutions like identity and access management, network security, email and web security, endpoint management and secure remote access — so they can be managed together, end to end. From your perspective, that makes Dell IT security better, easier to use and less expensive.

We are also the leader in security as a service. Dell SecureWorks offers managed security services, security & risk consulting, incident response and threat intelligence. We see 120 billion events a day, which are processed through cutting-edge big data analytics to make security truly context aware. We know what’s out there, we know what’s coming, and we know what to do about it.

In the following report, you’ll see how our massive investments in innovation over the last decade are paying off for customers just like you. We’re building the on-ramps to the data economy through cloud, mobility and big data analytics delivered as secure, integrated solutions. And we’re providing these capabilities worldwide with continued focus on emerging markets and geographic expansion to help you capitalize on the growth opportunities wherever they occur.

But above all, this report is a story of co-creation, and how, together, we are reinventing businesses, reimagining industries, and reigniting innovation on a global scale. From curing cancer to exploring the mysteries of space to developing a truly sustainable global economy, we are proud to be your partner in building a better world.

On behalf of our global team, we look forward to working with each of you to define the possible for the incredible future that lies ahead.

— Michael

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