A New Solution to Help the Government in the Digital Age

Digital devices are literally almost everywhere. Even everyday products we don’t normally think of as “digital devices” like refrigerators and cars now have the ability to store digital information. In fact, the National Institute of Justice recently noted that the amount of stored digital evidence is estimated to be doubling every 18-24 months. With the rapid expansion of digital devices, law enforcement and intelligence organizations are increasingly using digital intelligence not only to combat e-crimes such as credit card fraud and identity theft, but also more conventional crimes as well. So the question becomes for many of our public sector customers, how can we quickly and effectively prioritize, store and analyze all of this information?

Here’s a video overview to provide a bit more context:

Dell’s original Digital Forensics solution helped these organizations analyze and store this information – today we’re launching the second part of that solution that helps to bring the original Digital Forensics solution quite literally to the scene of the crime or the point of the investigation.


High-res photo of the solution

Dell’s Mobile Digital Forensics solution, developed in conjunction with our partners at Evidence Talks, gives members of the law enforcement, intelligence and military community the ability to draw information from the vast array of digital devices now commonly found on any scene. Everything from smart phones and computers to gaming consoles and televisions – most any device or appliance that stores information or has a USB outlet – can now be analyzed on-scene to see if there is any information stored that might be of interest and then take that information from the original device or appliance to the back-end Digital Forensics solution that will then analyze and properly store the information as evidence.

For the customers that have piloted this solution, such as the Plant City Florida Police, we’re proud to say they have been able to better and more efficiently do their job. In an age when a gang member can be convicted of a crime based largely on evidence obtained from a chat session they had where they had admitted to the crime on an Xbox, it’s imperative to be able to capture, analyze and store digital evidence in a timely manner. At Dell, because of the close relationships we have with our customers, we were able not only to identify that need but also develop a solution that helps to address the need that’s powerful and easy to use.

About the Author: Joe Trickey