A Sensible Approach to Being Green

Note from Lionel: Celebrate Earth Day by planting a tree
for your Facebook friends. Check out Chris Byrd's post for more). Also, in case you haven't seen, Dell has been named to the 2010 InfoWorld Green

At Dell, idealism meets pragmatism. We strive to accomplish
great things by making things simpler, more efficient – better.  It's one
of the things I like best about working for this company. And today being Earth
, what better time to celebrate what this approach can mean for our planet.

Dell's particular flavor of sustainability is about taking a common
sense approach to 'being green.' We're not just green for green's sake. We
recognize that resource conservation and sustainable sourcing make us a better
business, better partner and better technology provider, and it helps us make
'being green' easy and cost-effective for our customers.

Even better, a pragmatic, business-based approach makes
sense to stakeholders across the board, from the darkest green consumers to our
business customers and shareholders. And if anything requires bringing people
together for the greater good, it's protecting our planet.

Packaging is a
great example. Customers need their products to arrive save and sound, and it
makes sense to us that we find smaller, more sustainable ways to accomplish
that. Bamboo grows about 2 feet per day and its roots help prevent erosion
where it grows.  It's also lightweight and has a tensile strength stronger
than steel, making it perfect for protecting electronics in transit. You'll
find bamboo cradling
our netbooks
, which are manufactured and packaged near the FSC-certified
bamboo forest from which we source it (reducing shipping cost and environmental
impact). We're expanding its use to more systems in the very near future.

Energy-efficient products are another pragmatic way to be
green. From our EnergyStar and EPEAT -certified systems to enterprise solutions
using virtualization to make
data centers more efficient, we aim to provide customers with products that get
the job done using less energy. Power savings equal cost savings that benefit
consumers and businesses alike. It's a practical approach to being green that
customers appreciate, and one we use within our
own operations
, as well.

Let's not forget recycling,
something we can all do for our planet. Consumers want to do the right thing
with their computers at the end of their use, and we want to reuse as much
post-consumer material as possible in our products. So we make PC recycling
free and convenient for consumers. We'll pick up a computer from your house;
you can print a free shipping label at www.dell.com/recycling;
and consumers in the US and Canada can drop off their PCs at more than 1,900 Goodwill locations and 1,500-plus
Staples stores. Recycling your old,, unused PC would be a great way to
celebrate Earth Day!

As a company built on the idea of finding a better way,
Dell's green story is about doing even more with less: less time, less waste,
less energy, less cost and fewer resources. It's about making the complex
simple; stripping out inefficiency and delivering long-term value for our
shareholders, our customers and our planet.

Most of all, being green isn't about sacrifice. It's about
realizing the possibilities that a healthy planet presents for us all.

About the Author: Gil Casellas