Accelerate Mobile Worker Productivity: Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect Now Available for Windows 8.1 Mobile Devices & Dell Venue

Love my new Dell Venue 8 pro tablet.

Just wish I could use it to easily access corporate information and be productive when I’m out of the office. You know, the sales tools I need to retrieve from Sharepoint for the new product releases or access to the financial database for the quarterly revenue report.

Well the exciting news is, now I can. With Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect for Windows 8.1, which arrived pre-installed on my new Dell Venue, I can securely access data and applications anywhere, anytime. Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect provides simple, policy-enforced secure access to mission-critical applications and data for iOS, Android and Windows 8.1 mobile devices.

To access the corporate intranet, I simply open Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect on my tablet, enter the URL or IP address of the Dell SonicWALL Secure Remote Access (SRA) or Dell SonicWALL Next-Gen Firewall appliance that the IT Help Desk provided for intranet access, enter my user name and password and voila, I can access all the corporate apps and data from my tablet that I used to access from my old laptop. Once authenticated, with one-click, I get access to authorized corporate applications and resources. And my iPhone? I downloaded the Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect app from the Apple iTunes store, and now I can access the corporate intranet from my smartphone too. And I hear there’s also a Mobile Connect app for Android at the Google play store.

Mobile Connect App

With my new Dell Venue 8 pro and this new, simple and secure access to corporate apps and data, I can be more productive without lugging around extra equipment. And the IT department’s happy because the Secure Remote Access (SRA) appliance features context-aware authentication and network access controls, which allows IT to easily configure and enforce policies so that only authorized users with trusted devices, whether IT managed or BYOD, are granted access to resources. Also, centralized policy administration, that allows configuration of policy for user, device and resource from a single pane, helps the IT team more efficiently manage access policies.

To learn more about today’s launch of Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect for Windows 8.1 devices, check out our announcement,   data sheet and the users’ guide. For more information regarding Dell SonicWALL secure mobile access solutions, click here

About the Author: Jane Wasson