Accelerate Productivity by Unleashing Developers and Data Scientists

Developers and those deploying AI/ML spend little time coding and building models – Dell intends to solve that challenge.

Digital business growth and success are directly proportional to the speed of generating new data insights and developing new digital products and services. IDC estimates that 310 million new applications were built in 2022 and 750 million new applications are expected in 2025.¹ For data scientists and application developers, coding and building AI/ML models is how they drive the business forward.

Contemporary developers spend less than 20% of their time coding.² The rest of the time is spent waiting for IT resources and approvals or managing underlying infrastructure. Similarly, only about 36% have deployed machine learning beyond the model stage³ and many ML projects never make it to production.

The first impulse of many AI/ML model builders and application developers is to turn to easy-to-consume public cloud services, but there may be cost and integration challenges with existing systems and data. Additionally, the rise of large language models (e.g., ChatGPT, Bard, etc.) necessitates increased compute power and big data sets for AI/ML training. This raises cost and privacy concerns – driving even more businesses to own their AI/ML operations and management. But when organizations build a private cloud to address these concerns, they often find they have a shortage of cloud skills to drive solutions at the speed they need.

To assist organizations with these challenges and rapidly scale their digital business, Dell Technologies is announcing three new managed services:

    • Dell Managed Developer Cloud: Self-service virtual machines and containers in an API-based cloud environment, with built-in infrastructure-as-code infrastructure management. This accelerates innovation by freeing developers from managing infrastructure so they can spend more time coding.
    • Dell Managed Services for ML Ops: A fit-for-purpose platform for ML model development with integrated lifecycle management based on Dell validated designs. This gets models to production faster by reducing the complexity of deploying and maintaining AI/ML systems.
    • Colocation with Dell Technologies Services: Colocation with Dell Technologies Services streamlines cloud integration, simplifies deployment and makes operations more efficient. New partnerships with colocation service providers enable Dell to provide more choice and flexibility.

These solutions empower IT teams to focus on productivity and innovation, while Dell manages the rest. Dell’s growing portfolio of managed services leverages modern, easy-to-consume and increasingly automated solutions that drive business value from technology investments.

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Satish Iyer

About the Author: Satish Iyer

Satish is the Vice President for Emerging Services at Dell Technologies. In this role, Satish and his team are responsible for driving and transforming services for Dell’s APEX, Multicloud and Telecom Services business across Product, Strategy, Engineering, SRE and Delivery. Prior to this, Satish was the Vice President of Products at HPE GreenLake Cloud Services, driving Product Strategy and Product Management thereby enabling customers in their -aaS and Cloud transformation. Satish brings 20 years of experience across Product Management, Corporate Strategy and Development, Marketing and Solution incubation. Previously he has held executive and leadership roles at Aerospike, Near, Cisco and Nokia having started his career at Bell-labs. He serves as a Strategic Advisor to a few early-stage start-ups in AI, Health Tech and Robotics. Satish holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Finance from Ohio State University. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two kids. As an Eagle Scout, he enjoys outdoors and tries to keep up with his running.