Accessing ePaaS With A Few Clicks: EMC Pioneers Automated Services

Allowing business users to create their own application landscapes with a few clicks of a button is no longer a futuristic vision. At EMC, we are developing 100 percent automated delivery of Enterprise Platform as a Service (ePaaS) using high-level cloud architecture and a self-service IT as a Service catalog.

This breakthrough in automated IT service delivery is part of EMC’s ongoing journey to the Cloud. Over the past several years, we have realized significant cost savings in transforming our IT operation into a fully automated service delivery organization.

ePaaS is the on-demand delivery of automated IT platform operations as a service, including compute, network, storage, data protection, monitoring, and application development. It allows development and IT administrators to create, modify or decommission application environments, as well as monitoring those applications via a single access point, much more rapidly than a traditional IT model.

For example, if Customer Service wants to roll out a new application business capability such as EMC Connected Proactive Services (ECPS)—a program that will let them share with customers a full range of information about the EMC products on their site—ePaaS will allow their developer to order a fully configured environment and add that capability in a matter of hours, not weeks and months.

In the following video, we will walk you through our ePaaS offering, which significantly reduces the time in which we can deliver an application platform to a technical user, in many cases, from weeks to minutes. The initial prototype service uses four main components: a Vblock platform, a vCloud automated center as an ordering portal, a vCenter Orchestrator as a provision engine, and Puppet as a middlewear automation capability.

Users can choose from a list of standard service offerings and monitor the progress of their order through each workflow component. They can also be assured of platform security and data protection.

ePaaS will provide our business users with the agility and flexibility to keep pace with today’s changing IT business needs. Stay tuned as we continue to evolve and enhance this crucial aspect of EMC’s ongoing journey to the Cloud.


About the Author: Norm Simmonds