Add a Little Green to Your Dell Buying Experience

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You’ve heard us say that we’re working to make ‘being green’ easy and cost-effective for our customers. I wanted to share two new examples of how we’re doing just that.

1) The Green Store

At the heart of Dell’s green approach is the powerful idea that we can do MORE with less: less time, less waste, less energy, less money. So we’ve established the Green Store online to make it easier to find products that help you save energy, avoid waste and minimize your impact on the environment.  The Green Store pulls together products across a variety of categories — laptops, desktops and workstations, servers, printers, monitors and accessories — that have been built with consideration for environmental impact.  Each Dell-branded product in the store meets one or more environmental standard set by environmental certifications such as EnergyStar, EPEAT, Blue Angel or TCO.  When an environmental certification does not exist for a product category, we consider the material used to make the product, its energy efficiency, packaging, recyclability and power management features. You’ll also find non-Dell products in the Green Store that share the same environmental considerations. Check it out here.

2) Choose to Recycle When Buying Your New Computer

You know consumers can recycle their PC and PC accessories at no charge through Dell’s free, convenient recycling program (and if you didn’t, you do now!). But we’re taking that convenience one step further. Choose the recycling option when you purchase your new Dell computer online, and it will arrive with a letter from our Chairman and CEO Michael Dell. The letter directs you to, where you can print a free shipping label. Then simply drop the old computer in a spare box, or its original packaging (it’s amazing how many people hold on to their computer boxes!) and send it back to us free, convenient, responsible recycling.

Simple, eh? Keep this in mind when purchasing that new computer for back-to-school…

Have you recycled a computer through one of Dell’s free consumer recycling programs – be it mail-in, home pick-up or dropping off at Goodwill or Staples? We’d love to hear about your experience. Please share it with us in the comments section below.

And tell us your thoughts on the Green Store. Does this help in your quest for choosing greener products?

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Topics in this article