AeroMéxico Delta TechOps reduces complexity and saves money with a converged IO solution from Dell

TechOps is the largest maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) aircraft center in Latin America. The organization’s massive facility in Querétaro, Mexico, is operated by 1,000 employees. To ensure efficient and effective airplane maintenance, they use a variety of applications supported by an end-to-end infrastructure from Dell. A key reason why TechOps chose the Dell platform is that it facilitates LAN (local area network) and SAN (storage area network) convergence through converged IO. TechOps wanted to use a converged solution from Dell because with it, IT staff could simplify IT and cut costs. Organizations that adopt converged IO solutions from Dell have reduced capital expenditures by up to 51 percent compared with the cost of using separate LAN and SAN infrastructures.

To implement a converged LAN/SAN, TechOps deployed a Dell Networking S5000 Unified Storage Switch. It supports LAN protocols such as 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) as well as storage protocols including iSCSI, RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), plus fiber channel forwarding services for direct SAN connections. Ramon Sanchez Ortega, IT infrastructure manager at AeroMéxico Delta TechOps, says, “We can fulfil our current and future network needs with our Dell Networking S5000 Unified Storage Switch, because its modular architecture provides the number of 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports we need today, and there is room to expand. In addition, its LAN/SAN convergence capabilities have been an excellent solution in helping us converge our LAN network while connecting our SAN network to our Dell EqualLogic arrays. This has really helped us save money by eliminating redundant LAN/SAN infrastructures.”

Specifically, TechOps reduced capital and operational expenses as well as power costs by using fewer top-of-rack switches, network interface controllers and cabling. Plus, IT staff are saving time because there are fewer components to manage.

TechOps has realized many other benefits with its comprehensive Dell solution. They include building a new data center in four months while saving 10 percent in costs, facilitating 99.8 percent availability, and delivering fast access to business tools when and where employees need them. To read the full story about TechOps’ innovative and agile infrastructure, click here.

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About the Author: Kevin Oliver

Kevin Oliver is a product marketing manager for PowerEdge servers, with responsibility for emerging rack server offerings. Kevin’s prior work at Dell includes software defined, converged, and data center networking as well as M&A marketing integration. Additional previous work experience include Asia marketing management for National Instruments and Asia developer relations marketing for Intel.