What is Analytic Insights Module?

applicationsApplications are reshaping how businesses engage and interact with their customers, with the goal of enhancing their experience amid competition. Insights provided through data analytics can take customer experiences to a whole new level.

That’s why today Dell EMC is announcing Analytic Insights Module.  It combines data analytics and application development into a single  cloud platform.   Put simply, Analytic Insights Module is all about providing data analytics teams a self-service analytics experience within a hybrid cloud platform that allows them to collaborate with developers to build intelligent apps.  This combination is a real game changer.

Data Analytics is a Team Sport

Transforming data into actionable insights is a team effort requiring a strong partnership between both business and IT visionaries. Analytic Insights Module helps to bring together business executives, data analysts, application developers and IT teams – providing each with the insights, data sources, tools and controls they need to be successful.

Gather Data with Deep Awareness

Data analytics teams want to analyze all types of data– structured, unstructured, streaming, as well as public data sources external to the business. And of course data is never in only one place, it’s all over – within data marts, databases,  data lakes, the web, sensors – it’s hard to name a place where data doesn’t exist.  Ok, there’s still some, but you get the point.   Analytic Insights Module allows data to be gathered with deep awareness and governance in the fastest time possible through our unique Data Curator, Data and Analytics Catalog and Data Governor.

data-curatorOur Data Curator builds on the value of the integrated Data Lake (Dell EMC Isilon & Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage(ECS)) by providing a single view of your discovered, ingested and curated data both within the Data Lake and selected external sources. The Data and Analytics Catalog provides this one view of all your data, helping eliminate data silos and one-off analytics. The Data Curator allows data analysts to access a wide range of data through powerful data discovery and indexing capabilities, which profile, identify, enrich and unify data across the enterprise, freeing them to be completely focused on delivering value to the business. This speeds the time to access the right data, by supporting the ability to reuse trusted data.

data-governorOur Data Governor provides data analytics teams visibility into data lineage – what data was moved, to where, when and by whom. This builds trust and supports the reuse of data across the organization.  Keeping data secure is a top concern for analytics initiatives and why our Data Governor is designed to provide fine-grained access policies that are applied to all users, all applications and across multiple data stores.  We like to call it “data-centric” because it can be configured as precise as needed – at the file, table, column, row, cell, and even partial cell level, and regardless of data format or storage type. It even offers context aware policies such as – use session, data, and user attributes.  This ensures no one has access to data they should not.

Analyze With Self-Service

Let’s face it, today no one wants to wait if they don’t have to, and data analytics teams are no different. Their main focus is revealing actionable insights for the business, so it’s important that they can get to work quickly.  Analytic Insights Module delivers a self-service experience for data analysts, allowing them to standup their own Workspace in minutes.  IT teams are no longer bottlenecks, but instead the enablers of productivity, who provide the self-service access data analysts want – all within corporate governance by applying policies and resource quotas to the  environment.   This is a win-win for everyone – control and autonomy all in one package!

analyze-self-serviceWorkspaces are the central component of the self-service capability for data analytics teams to access and analyze data. They can be customized based on user needs, and are private, personal spaces for the individual data analyst. Standing up a small or medium takes mere minutes, and a large Hadoop cluster takes a couple of hours – eliminating the days it can take using traditional methods. Each Workspace provides secure access to the data, an open platform to use analysis tools of choice, and compute to analyze the data. Users can create and modify Workspaces as required and they can even add others for collaborating. When they’re done, the Workspace can be deleted and all the resources are returned to the pool – easy, seamless, and fast.

Act to Operationalize Insights and Deliver Business Value Faster

develope-data-driven-appsDelivered on Native Hybrid Cloud, a turnkey platform based on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Analytic Insights Module allows organizations to rapidly transform data into actionable insights for building intelligent apps with high business value.   It’s easy for data analytics teams to share data and analytics services with app developers for collaborating on building intelligent, data-driven apps to enhance customer experiences, to streamline business processes and even to create disruptive business models.   For developers, they can focus on writing their code, quickly building, modifying, deploying and scaling their applications through a self-service environment, while the normal manual intervention required by IT Operations is eliminated through infrastructure abstraction and automation.

Building intelligent applications delivers huge business value, but it doesn’t stop there. Data-driven apps generate more data as customers use and interact with them; data which can be integrated back into the analytics process to enrich intelligent apps and provide even greater insights.  Analytic Insights Module is designed to support this virtuous cycle and the faster businesses can move through it, the greater their competitive advantage.

A Winning Combination

aim-3We’ve made it easy to build a comprehensive business strategy that includes data analytics and cloud-native app development. Combined into a single cloud platform with Dell EMC Services for every step of your journey, Analytic Insights Module is your fastest path for modern digital transformation. With on-going release cycles for new features and single contact support, we can help reduce your operational risk and provide you the fastest path to digital transformation.   Watch our demos videos now to learn more about Analytic Insights Module and how it can help your organization.

About the Author: Paula Swanson