All storage is not created equal

When it comes to the need for a more flexible, highly available server and storage environment, I think one of our customers in France—MPO International, a home entertainment specialist—said it best.

Sebastien Chateau-Dutier, Systems and Networks Manager at MPO France explains, “For us, flexibility was central. Before we spoke to 2M-Equation, we thought all storage arrays were equal. Dell Compellent technology is based on intelligence and capability. Beyond just managing data volumes, it’s also a system uniquely designed for dynamic data performance and growth.” 

Just six months after joining Dell Compellent as General Manager I couldn't agree more. All storage is not created equal. 

That’s why we've put the performance and scale critical to MPO’s success at the core of the new Dell Compellent Storage Center 6.3, just announced at the Dell Storage Forum Paris. At no cost to current customers, Storage Center 6.3 can boost system performance by up to 2x. And we’re doubling bandwidth with the first storage array to deliver 16Gb Fibre Channel, end-to-end from server to switch.

Designed with enterprise and federal customers in mind, here are some key things to know about what Storage Center 6.3 brings to the table:

  • Enhance business-critical workloads up to 100% with an I/O stack tuned for SSD
  • Increase bandwidth with 16Gb Fibre Channel, speeding access to business-critical applications and data
  • Reduce software licensing costs by up to 87% compared to similar arrays

Storage Center 6.3 helps to improve scale and simplification for the enterprise:

  • Enhance security and reduce admin time for multiple users with LDAP/Active Directory support
  • Expand Microsoft integration with Windows Server 2012 support

And it builds on our five nines availability with enhanced reliability:

  • Increased security by supporting IPv6/USGv6 standards for a wide range of available IP addresses
  • Advanced synchronous replication that improves resiliency for data recovery and provides multi-site replication flexibility to help reduce recovery time and recovery point objectives

I’m excited to be leading the Dell Compellent business at such an exciting time in the industry, when we can look for ways to bring even greater performance, scale, and innovation to help our customers solve their business and storage challenges. Got more questions? Join the conversation here or follow us @DellCompellent for all of the latest news.

About the Author: Alan Atkinson