Altimeter Becomes (an even bigger) Powerhouse

Jeremiah Owyang - by Thomas Hawk Twitter's rightfully buzzing with the news today that Jeremiah Owyang will be joining Charlene Li along with ex-Forrester analyst Ray Wang and Deb Schultz at Altimeter Group.

Wow. I agree with Todd Defren on this: Dream Team. In my view, Jeremiah has consistently produced some of the best commentary on the social web and where this stuff is going.  If you have an interest in the evolution of the web, you need to read his blog, Web Strategy by Jeremiah. He continues to shape much of the thinking I try to bring inside of Dell. In short, Jeremiah's a real asset to wherever he goes. (Thanks to Thomas Hawk for the photo in this post).

There's no shortage of consultants these days, but these guys are different. They've lived and breathed this stuff through leading the way in blogging, and engaging through Friendfeed, Facebook, Twitter and beyond. Now they are going to show other companies how to do it the right way. I for one am excited to see what their activities will lead to.

I'm pumped for the whole Altimeter team. Congrats to all—especially you Jeremiah.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca