AMD + Dell = Dell’s ultra powerful mobile workstation

Note from Lionel: Like I mentioned yesterday, graphics performance is one of the most important aspects of mobile workstations. Here’s the second post focused on graphics… this one coming from AMD’s Janet
Matsuda, who is the senior director of their Professional Graphics team. Here’s her post:


We sure are greedy when it comes to new technology! We expect more
performance, longer battery life, faster frame-rates, more colors,
unwavering dependability, smaller form factors and the

biggest bang for
our buck. Just to name a few. This is especially true for professionals
who not only want all of these things, but depend on them for
their livelihood. There’s no room for less-than-great computers when
you’re working in medical imaging, designing the world’s largest
airplane, or creating the next animated blockbuster film. And in today’s
ever-changing work environment, we need mobility and flexibility from
our systems so we’re able to take our work beyond

the office at the drop
of a hat. Bottom line: Professionals want the world’s best performing
technology at their finger tips 24-hours a day, whether in the office or
on the road.

With a clear understanding of the professionals’ needs in mind, AMD
has collaborated with Dell to offer a powerful GFX solution for the
world’s most powerful mobile workstation, the Dell Precision M6500
featuring the ATI FirePro M7740 graphics accelerator with 1GB of
dedicated memory. Enabling the performance and power previously reserved
for desktop workstations to be accessible in a mobile footprint, the
Dell Precision M6500 mobile workstation delivers the brilliant color
representation, raw power and massive scalability that professionals
need to maximize productivity and creativity on the go.

But while portability is important, as a professional I also know
that reliability is a necessity. Working on a system you can’t trust
inhibits productivity-especially when working with huge and demanding
data sets. Professionals like us expect their systems to run flawlessly
every day, every time. With our ATI FirePro M7740 graphics accelerator
and the Dell Precision M6500, you can rest assured that you have more
than just a great performing machine, you are also backed by a system
that is certified for many of the applications you use every day,
creating a highly reliable and real-time interactive work environment.

AMD and Dell are known for bringing first-class hardware to market
and the Dell Precision M6500 is no exception. Compatibility, flexibility
and optimized performance is what ATI FirePro mobile graphics
technology is all about, making it the perfect complement to the Dell
Precision M6500 mobile workstation, and providing professionals like you
with the necessary tools to complete projects quickly and painlessly
wherever you may be. Go forth and create!

About the Author: Janet Matsuda