An Important Head Start with "EX"cellent Servers

Being first to market is nothing new for Dell. In fact, back in March, we introduced three new PowerEdge blade and rack servers based on Intel’s new Nehalem EX processors. We started shipping these servers the day Intel introduced the microprocessors and the feedback from customers who are deploying them has been overwhelmingly positive.

While vendors like HP have yet to begin shipping, Dell customers can enjoy the immediate performance and energy efficiency benefits, capable of tackling the toughest mission critical applications. These servers – the PowerEdge R810, R910 and M910 – have the reliability, feature set and performance that will allow our customers to move mission-critical applications off their old, costly, proprietary, RISC systems onto open x86 servers.

Forrest Norrod, Vice President and general manager of our Server Platform team, on why he believes these are the best x86 servers Dell has ever produced and the best x86 servers the industry has ever seen.

About the Author: Armando Acosta

Armando Acosta has been involved in the IT Industry over the last 15 years with experience in architecting IT solutions and product-marketing, management, planning, and strategy. Armando’s latest role has been focused on Big Data|Hadoop solutions, addressing solutions that build new capabilities for emerging customer needs, and assists with the roadmap for new products and features. Armando is a graduate of University of Texas at Austin and resides in Austin, TX.