And the Battle IT champion is…

Our IT pros rose to the challenge and the time has come to crown the winner of Battle IT from Dell and Windows 8.

In case you missed it, Battle IT was an intense three days of remote tech challenges, live chats focused on the hottest topics in IT and just a bit of fun in the sun as our IT pros competed for the chance to be crowned the champion of Battle IT.

Throughout the competition, our contestants competed in a series of remote challenges using a Latitude 10 and OptiPlex 9010 all-in-one desktop powered by Windows 8.  They were tasked to complete real-world IT problems and showcase their skills to see who could solve each challenge in the shortest amount of time – and the results came down to the wire!

Once the challenges were complete, we put the fate of the contestants in your hands! Our community of fans and followers voted for their favorite contestant and determined who won the Grand Prize of $10,000.

It was a very close race, but the final votes have been tallied and we are proud to announce that the winner of Battle IT is Grant!

Grant hales from Dayton, OH where he works as a Senior Threat Management Analyst.

Here’s a quick view of Grant and our other contestants in action as they raced to configure a Force10 S55 Switch using the new Dell touch devices powered by Windows 8.

Check out all the Battle IT videos at the Battle IT YouTube channel or take a look at the conversation that occurred at the #DellBattleIT hashtag.

Congratulations to Grant and thanks to our other contestants, Sean and Trevor, for sharing their IT expertise with us during Battle IT – it was a great effort put forth by all.

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About the Author: Mourin Nizam